Introducing A New Tool for Classroom Engagement

We’re excited to roll out, a new digital tool that simplifies classroom interactions.
2024-02-15 - News

January Updates: Insights, Learning Content & Enhanced Navigation

Kicking off the new year, we're introducing a suite of updates designed to deepen insights, expand resources, and improve navigability on our platform. January's focus has been on providing more meaningful feedback to students, enriching our content offerings, and streamlining user experience for both school managers and students. Let's delve into the fresh features that await you.
2024-01-15 - Updates

December Updates: Speedier Pages & New Features to Explore

As the year wraps up and we dive into the festive season, we're excited to present a bundle of updates aimed at enhancing performance and enriching your experience on our platform. From significant speed improvements across key pages to the introduction of engaging new activities and usability enhancements, December is all about making your journey with us smoother and more enjoyable. Let's unwrap these updates together!
2023-12-15 - Updates

October Trick or Treats: Easier Access & Smarter Tools

As the leaves change and Halloween approaches, we're excited to unveil a series of enchanting updates this October, designed to simplify access, streamline communication, and enhance learning on our platform. These updates are our treat to you - no tricks involved! Let's dive into the cauldron of enhancements we've brewed up.
2023-10-15 - Updates

August Updates: Gearing Up for the New Term

As we soak in the summer holidays, a period of relaxation and recharge, our team has been diligently working behind the scenes to ensure that your return is smoother and more secure. This August, we've focused on refining features and fortifying the platform, making sure that when the hustle and bustle of learning kick back into full gear, everything runs seamlessly. Here's a brief overview of the enhancements and fixes implemented this month.
2023-08-15 - Updates

July Update: Inclusivity Updates

In our July update, we've focused on inclusivity and aesthetics, introducing options for paper-based learning and rolling out visual enhancements across the platform. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, we now offer the ability to download activities as Word documents, catering to those who may not have the option to complete work on a computer. Alongside, we've fine-tuned the website's visuals, from the clarity of correct answers for students to the improved layout of teacher tools. Let's explore these updates in detail!
2023-07-15 - Updates

Introducing the Points System at Fetch Decode Explain

As we step into a new academic year, we're excited to roll out a fresh feature that's set to make learning on Fetch Decode Explain not just more interactive, but also more rewarding. With our latest update, we're introducing a points system that's straightforward yet engaging, aimed at motivating students to dive deeper into computer science.
2023-07-01 - News

June Update: New Features & Updates

June has been a bustling month for us, and we're thrilled to unveil the enhancements that have been implemented across Fetch Decode Explain. Our latest update focuses on enriching the learning environment for students, providing more robust tools for teachers, and streamlining processes for school managers. Let's dive into the details of these exciting new features and the bug fixes we've rolled out!
2023-06-15 - Updates