Introducing A New Tool for Classroom Engagement

Posted: 2024-02-15

We’re excited to roll out, a new digital tool that simplifies classroom interactions.



Designed to replace traditional mini-whiteboards, this digital mini-whiteboard lets students use their computer screens to engage directly with teachers’ questions. Here's a quick look at how it works:

  1. Ask a Question: Teachers start by asking a question. This can be anything from a quick check for understanding to a deeper analytical prompt.
  2. Students Respond: Students type their answers into a textbox at the bottom of their screen. If they're unsure, they can click an "I don't know" button.
  3. Green Means Go: After submitting an answer, the student's screen turns green. This lets the teacher know they’re ready to share their answer.
  4. Show and Tell: On the teacher's cue, students click their screen to display their answer in large text for the whole class to see.

Why Go Digital? cuts out the need for physical whiteboards and markers, making it perfect for computer labs where each student has a desktop. It’s a straightforward way to keep everyone involved and makes it easier for teachers to manage classroom activities without the extra supplies.

Ideal for Computer Labs:

This tool is designed to make the most of classrooms equipped with computers. It integrates seamlessly into digital learning environments and is a cost-effective way to enhance engagement without additional equipment.

Try It Out:

Give "" a try in your next class and see how it streamlines feedback and engagement. We’re here to make teaching a little easier and learning a lot more interactive.

Stay tuned for more updates—we’re just getting started!